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Head Instructor : Daisuke "Ronin" Nakamura  (IBJJF Black Belt 3rd Degree)
representative   : Kohei Nishibayashi              (IBJJF Black Belt 3nd Degree)

BJJ Heroes - Daisuke Nakamura

BJJ Library (11 Technics / You need to login.)

#Daisuke is not a MMA fighter! lol


1day  3,000 yen
#1st time ever ... free
2days ※  4,000 yen  ※Within 1week
3days ※  5,000 yen  ※Within 1week
1week  6,000 yen
2weeks  9,000 yen
1month 15,000 yen
Private Lesson 10,000 yen /1h at PATO STUDIO

Time table

Click here       #7th,17th,27th are closed days.


Address : 2nd Floor, 3-25-2 Sugamo, Toshima Ward, Tokyo
The nearest station : Sugamo Station ,Yamanote Line and Toei-Mita Line

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